Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tony Bonanza "Rockabilly People"

I awoke... and you were there... behind a veil of blue smoke...

Sacramento's Tony Bonanza feels like the man you wind up with in the hot tub after you realize that all your friends have left. Looks like it's just you and... him. The listening-to-your-neighbors'-music-through-the-walls groove of Rockabilly People's opener, "Santa Ana Nicole" arrives as quickly as it leaves, at this point Tony Bonanza's got the hot tub jets working in overtime as the opening synth washes of "Be My Toy" melt through your speakers.

But Bonanza knows when he's coming on too strong and quickly retreats to that air of mysticism that attracted you in the first place with "Lucky Charms." Help me, Tony! I can't navigate your universe alone. Then he holds your hand, as if out of nowhere, firmly, but relaxed (but not), and gives you a tour of all that could have been in "Threw it Away."

Rockabilly People
screams for a tape or vinyl release. The beats are mellow and reassuring; the guitars are Pure Guava-era Ween, heavy on the jazz, and heavy synthage rounds out the mix into one big AM radio mushroom trip. What we have here is a pleasant collection of songs caramelized in phaser and drizzled with enough reverb to fill a concert hall. Excellent work, Tony, now drive me home cause I gotta work at 7 in the morning and if I wake up next to one more sweaty Italian with a lazy eye I'm going to have to recommit myself to Christ. -Adam

Listen to "Threw It Away"

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